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PREPARE YOURSELF (ruuuun away!)
Random Randomness
What Do They Call You? candi
Do You Hate 55% Of Your Family? yes
What Do You Spend Most Of Your Time Doing? cruisin the net
Where Do You Live? wisconsin
… Where Would You WANT To Live, and Why? a secluded tropical island
Do You Have An Annoying Aunt Who MAKES You Hug Her? no
Do You Have A Friend Who’s Like A Sibling? yes
Slipknot/Stone Sour slipknot
Beastie Boys/Disturbed beastie boys
Cats/Dogs dogs
Sugar/Cinnomin sugar
Hugs/Kisses hugs
Good Charlotte/Simple Plan good charlotte
Marilyn Manson/Alice Cooper alice cooper
Knowledge! (If You Don’t Know This…Go Back To Pre-K!)
Do You Know Who Corey Taylor Is? no
What Year Was Hawaii Made A State? no idea
What’s Marilyn Manson’s Real Name? no idea
How Did Marilyn Monroe Die? assasinated by the cia
Can Penguins Fly? no
Is Orlando Bloom Gay? no
Can You Name An “Anal Blast” Song? no
What Are The Colors Of The Rainbow? red,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo
Name The 7 Dwarves happy,sleepy,grumpy,dopey,bashful,brainy,smurfette
List 9 Johnny Depp Movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Ninth Gate, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Secret Window
Color green
Band Metallica
Food spaghetti
Drink coca cola
Band Beatles
Hair Style short
Class english
Book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
Movie If A Man Answers
CD I have over 400… so I have no idea
Cereal Count Chocula
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