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another bzoink….

What is your name?: candi
How old are you?: 32
When is your Birthday?: november 29
What is your zodiac sign?: sagittarius
Where were you born?: MN
Where do you live now?: WI
What color eyes do you have?: brown
What color hair do you have?: brown
How tall are you?: 5′ 2″
How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies): this survey was obviously created by a man
What is your race?: caucasion
What is your worst fear?: hhmmm….
Do you smoke?: no
Do you drink?: occasionally
Do you cuss?: frequently
Do you use drugs?: no
Have you ever or will you ever steal?: i take the fifth
Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?: yes
Do you play in a band or play an instrument?: no
Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?: yes
If you had a favorite serial killer who would it be?: don’t really know any serial killers
Do you suffer from depression disorder?: not really
If you had a choice about how you wanted to die what would it be?: quick and painless
Have you ever tried to commit suicide?: hhhmmm…
Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself or someone else?: hhhmmmm….
What subculture do you belong too?: bitches-r-us
Are you evil?: about 30% evil
Do you believe that you can be possesed?: no
Are you a paranoid person?: occassionally
Do you ever get jealous of somebody else?: absolutely
Are you obsessive and/or compulsive?: no
Are you a violent person?: depends if you piss me off
Do you take your anger out on other people?: depends if the other people are bigger than me
Do you blame other people for your mistakes?: no
What is your favorite game?: WoW
What is your favorite movie?: If A Man Answers
Who is your favorite band?: Metallica
What is your favorite song?: I Will (Beatles)
What kind of books and/or magazines do you read?: Science, Archeology, International News
What is your favorite color?: green
What is your favorite food?: spaghetti
What is your favorite drink?: Coke
Do you own a pari of converse?: no
Do you own a pair of dickies?: no
Would you ever kill yourself or someone else?: depends on the circumstance
Are you a virgin?: ROTFLMAO
Are you kinky?: (-;
Do you like biting?: maybe….
Do you masturbate?: hhhhmmm…..
Do you watch pornography?: not really
Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color?: yes
Have you ever shaved your head in a socially unacceptable way?: yes
Are you hyper active person?: sometimes
Are you religious?: no
Do you have any self inflicted scars?: yes
Does pain turn you on?: depends on the situation
Do you stand for originality and creativity?: i hope so
Do you like meeting new people?: yes
What do you like most about life?: the living part
What do you dislike most about life?: the dying part
Do you believe in love at first fright?: not anymore
Have you ever pierced a body part yourself?: yes
Have you ever had to beg for dinner money?: no
Do you own a car?: yes
Have you been to jail, yet?: no
Are your clothes held together with safety pins?: not since the 80s
Do you have actual scars from punk rock shows?: no
Have you ever vomit while making out?: no
Have you held a job for less than a day?: yes
Do you own more than two pair of jeans?: yes
Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason?: ?
Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house?: yes
Have you ever been fired from your job because of your attitude?: no
Does the world piss you off?: occassionally

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