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morning malfunction

This week started out with me being late for work on Monday because I overslept.
Tuesday I had to blow my manager for $4000 for parts that had gone missing.
This morning I’m TIRED and the bitch center of my brain is working overtime.
My chest is expanding at the same rate as the universe and I’m stuffed into this bra like some kind of sausage. (I’m not the only one with this issue…)
I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO desire to work and yet I have installed myself into this cubicle for the next 8 hours with no hope of escape.

This is just the kind of day that seeing the ridiculous plot of one of those crappy doomsday movies come to fruition wouldn’t be out of the question as an alternative.

“Oh my gawd, Bones! Look it’s a comet the size of Omicron6 headed straight for us!!”
“Jim… I’m a doctor not an astronomist!”
“The only way to save the planet is to have an orgy with the local women….”
“That doesn’t seem logical, Jim.”
“Spock, you do what works for you and I’ll do what works for me…”

Well… maybe not an orgy… at least not with my co-workers… but you get the point.
But I think if I did have only hours left to live that sex with someone would make the top ten list.
Perhaps at that point a person wouldn’t be particularly picky?
WOW… this has gone a whole new direction and that direction is downhill…
Kinda like my week (see how I got back on track there!).
Anyway… please stop by and kick me while I’m down – I crave excitement…