“Abandon hope all ye who enter here…”

 Review of "The Ruins" by Scott Smith

4 Stars Horrific… gruesome… not for the squeamish. Finally, a horror novel that lives up to the genre!

Sick, twisted… a real page turner! About half-way through I was concocting escape plans in my head. Unfortunately, my ideas didn’t get through to Jeff, Amy, Stacy, Eric, Mathias or Pablo. Read this in about 8 hours (over 2 nights). Eventually, I had to go to bed on Monday and spent all night and all the next day at work just itching to get home and find out what happened. I got home tonight and forced myself to eat dinner and take care of the family but as soon as everyone was fed and off doing their own things I retreated to my recliner and resumed reading. I have to say that the shock and dismay continued on right through to the last page. But… I don’t want to spoil it – so you’ll just have to read it yourself! Not for the faint of heart!

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