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Queen of Blood by Bryan Smith

Three Stars Queen of Blood, Bryan Smith, Leisure Books, 2008


My first question is… how much of this stuff are you into, Bryan? Sadists, masochists, flat-out homicidal lunatics… crazy, creepy but somehow tantalizing. Hhhm… maybe I have a bit of the psychosis too??

The idea that the classic evil-doers basically win out in the end and presumably reign over their blood-stained Razor City for the next thousand years is disquieting. And it begs the question… were they really the villains? It doesn’t come across that way to me. They chose to part-take in an alternate lifestyle with dark Gods to appease. Perhaps not so different from some extremists in our reality. Aren’t we killing in the name of the one God in the middle-east today?

And do our would-be heroes live peaceably the rest of their mere mortal lives? Do I believe that the Master and Queen felt some kind of compassion and just let them live? Far fetched, I think. Again, were they really the heroes? They did just as much ‘senseless’ killing as everyone else in the story. After all they’ve been through, would they perhaps be better suited to life and death in Razor City?

Perhaps, those that exist, even flourish, at the edges – those who embrace their baser nature know something we do not.

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