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The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


 The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss

I grabbed a copy of this at WASFEN the end of last month.  While I am a Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan I usually stick to darker fare in my reading habits.  I bought this book for 2 reasons…

The first was because I had met the author at WASFEN the previous year when the book was fisrt released in hardcover and I was somewhat smitten with him (I have a tendency towards the odd ones) but did not have the cash for a hard cover copy (and I was not smitten with the original cover art).  This year I was gainfully employed with cash in hand and far prefer paperbacks (and the new cover art was far better)… Pat was kind enough to sign my copy.  I wonder if I can use a signature in some kind of binding??? 

The second reason was that I was there with a bunch of my friends and co-workers and we decided that all of us would get the book and then discuss it.

So… I grabbed my copy and had to finish reading the other three things I was in the middle of before I finally got to sit down with it last week.  As I mentioned… I usually enjoy much darker fare.  However, I have to say… this could get darker, only the next two books will tell.

At any rate, I absolutely loved this book!  First novels are always a gamble, this work was a literary delight to behold.  The writing was smooth and flowed along like music.  It was hard to put down for the necessities of life… like sleep, work, food, etc..  I was enamoured with Kvothe from the moment I met him and I had to know everything there was to know.

There are so many wonderful underpinnings and side notes that I was lost in the world being created around me.  Love, loss, poverty, humor, innocence, coming-of-age, dragons and demons, good and evil, gods and devils, life and death… I mean it has everything — and that’s just in book one!  I’m waiting with baited breath for the next chapter!  I believe it is supposed to be released this Spring – which would be anytime now – I certainly hope so! 

To learn more about the incredibly talented author check out his website.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy or sci-fi, even those who don’t because I think it reaches so far beyond just those audiences.  Be sure to have an empty bladder, a full stomach and several uninterrupted hours because you’re not going to want to stop until the last delicious page!


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