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weird things

So I aready told you about the door but maybe now it bears repeating…

last Friday (1/23) around Noon I unlocked my front door in
anticipation of my friend stopping by for lunch. The door was shut,
however, about 10 minutes later I heard a big noise and here my front
door had some how been blown wide open (and there is a screen door).
I shut the door and locked it and made a sweep of the house finding
nothing. The whole thing kind of weirded me out but I tried to put
it out of my mind and just tell myself that it was the wind.

Since then, we have started hearing things in the house. Joe has
heard this more times than me but I’ve heard the noises twice now.
Once Sunday\Monday morning and then again this morning around
5:30AM. It seems to happen in the early morning, middle of the

When Joe first heard it he thought it was me ‘screaming like an
indian’. Which it obviously was not. A couple hours later I heard
it, and I have to admit that it did sound a bit like an indian war
cry. I didn’t hear it again until this morning but Joe says he’s
heard it several times every night. This morning I thought it
sounded more like an owl (a very loud, angry owl) but he says no,
it’s definitely an indian.

The noise seems to be coming from our ulility room. So, logically, I
was trying to surmise why my heater or water pipes might make such a
noise. Especially when the times that its happening don’t seem to
have a mechanical connection (like the dishwasher running or the heat
kicking in). So… I’m at a loss to the strange noises coming from
my basement. Although, it did wake me up this morning where I
discovered I had forgotten to set my alarm for work. So, maybe that
was helpful even though I am now kind of worried about it.

The other weird thing that happed was a large deer tried to get in
our window. It seemed to be ‘guarded’ by two other deer.

So, I’m kind of freaked out and would appreciate any explaination
that does not involve indian ghosts, owls bringing death, deer trying
to eat me, or anything else equally unsettling. I know this all
sounds crazy but I think there is definitely something weird in my

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