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Twinnie Milestone! Baby Ellie Crawls!

Ellie and Marcus have been rolling and scooching for about a month now and recently pulling themselves up on their playpen wall and walking along it (for the last few weeks).  Ellie is a bit further along than Marcus with getting into the crawling position but until tonight I’d only ever seen her go backwards.  BUT… tonight Ellie crawled from the couch to her jumper (about 2 feet) and then later crawled across the playpen to get to me!  So little Elle is officially a crawler! 

Incidently, last weekend we had to lower the crib mattresses because I went in to check them and they were both standing, thankfully on the inside rail, just chatting it up and having a good time.  Tonight, Ellie stood up in the crib and pulled down part of the mobile — so those are gone now. 

My little monkeys are starting to get mobile, watch out!!