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R.I.P. Willa

I just found out that my friend passed on this morning.   Willa was a wonderful, kind-hearted, generous, funny & beautiful lady and I loved her like a sister.  When I was going through the in-vitro process to get pregnant with the twins she was there for me every painful step of the way.  She helped give me my injections, she listened to me cry and rant.  She even had symapthy pains for me!  When the first round failed and I lost the embryos she was the one who held me up and stuck with me for the next round.  I am so glad that she was still with us to meet the fruits of our labors.  When I heard the news today the first thing I did was run upstairs to hug my twins.  I know that she was in a lot of pain from the cancer and so I hope that now all her pain is gone.  She will be truly missed and forever loved.

We’re both so *fond* of having our picture taken that this was the only one I could find of us… and it’s old… and we are a motley crew, that…

I love you lady and I hope you’ve found peace.









(I am in white and Willa is next to me in red.)