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Game of Thrones, Season 1, Episode 1, Winter Is Coming

My first nice unbiased comment is that I really do like the opening sequence with the model of the wall and Westeros.  That is very cool… I like the kind of ‘clockwork’ aspect to it.


I also do think that Sean Bean was a a good choice for Eddard Stark, he does fit the picture of Ned that I had envisioned while reading the books.  Catelyn, however, is nothing like what I imagined and seems far too old.

Right away I feel like the Winterfell children are all too old and I don’ like it.  One of things that made these characters enduring in the books was their tender ages and  what they had to go through.

King Robert seems to fit into the role quite well for me but Cersei not so much… I think I may just have issues with all the female casting.

Jaime…. well first I was expecting someone more, well I don’t know… more svelte, sexier… but not player type but more Bondesque or something.  I wanted to meet Jaime for the first time and feel the need to jump him, ya know.

Tyrion I think will probably grow on me because I think the actor is good and I think the personality is spot on — however, in the book he was described as being much more grotesque and I think his character needed that to work to create that love-hate relationship throughout out the story.  You also get your first glimpse here that Tyrion may not be the most morally corrupt of the cast… stay tuned.

Joffrey… does he remind anyone else of Malfoy?  Ugghhh.

I totally love Arya (even though I feel like she’s too old).  Sansa isn’t developed enough to comment on and we don’t get to see the true nature of Bran yet.

I wish we could have seen a little more of the dire-wolves.

John Snow…  I am going to withhold judgement right now because he is one of my treasured characters.

Across the sea to Pentos….

Daenerys was too old but at least her character behaved younger.  Viserys was definitely creepy and I’m seriously looking forward to his demise.  One thing though… their hair should have been silvery and shimmery – not white.

Khal Drogo wasn’t really what I pictured but as kind of a minor character (in my view) I guess I didn’t care so much.  Off topic I did like him much better in Conan.

Gods… I know that all I want for my engagement gift is a freaking box of snakes!!!  If it’s a good omen to have some killed at the reception I’ll be sure to invite all my exes!

Their first time is nothing like what was in the book. *Dislike*

So… episode one leaves us with a cliffhanger and any sane person should want to kick Jaime and Viserys in the teeth.