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Happy New Year and may you get your fair share of boobs?!

I just had an interesting conversation with my twins as I was getting them dressed for bedtime. Ellie pointed at her baby boobies and asked me what they were and I said that they were ‘boobs’. She then wanted to know if they were going to grow big like mine?! To which I replied ‘oh no! I hope not!’… of course she thought that my reaction was quite funny but then insisted that hers would indeed grow to be big ‘like Mom’s boobs!’ Lordy!

As if this was not enough Marcus got it on it. He asked me if his boobs would grow big like Momma’s and I said no, boy boobs don’t grow, they stay small. His reply was a despondent ‘aaawwww’…. as if to say that he did not think it was fair that Ellie should get boobs and he wouldn’t and he looked so serious and disappointed. Now what on the green Earth do you say to that!!! I used my standard response for when I am completed flabbergasted by my kids and scooped him up and gave him a big hug and kiss and tickled him until all discussion of boobs was forgotten.

So happy New Year everyone and I hope your first bewildering experience in 2013 is as interesting, funny or enriching as mine!