The pie must die!


You are evil pie!  You want me to have high blood sugar and an out of control BMI….

You will be punished… by my eating you promptly so I don’t have to look at your evilness!!!


*this is what sitting at a desk all day talking to yourself can do to a person, so watch out kids!!

A new adventure begins…

It is September 29th, 2010 and the fat, ugly truth is that I am fully 60+ pounds overweight and my BMI is a ridiculous 36ish and should be more like 19-24.  I am not comfortable sharing my actual weight but clearly I am what a doctor would term – clinically obese.  And I for one and sick of it, literally – I have many health issues right now related to my extra weight.

TODAY – I am starting a new weight management program.  I am going to update my blog on weigh-in days to let everyone know how it’s going.  I’m feeling encouraged already because the meal replacement shake I had for breakfast didn’t suck — so that’s a bonus!

Wish me luck!

Saturday’s Soupy Experiment

So I have been getting my farm share every week and I have definitely not been keeping up with eating all the salad & veggies. So today I decided to try and make something with the stuff wilting in the fridge. This time in the season you sometimes get things that you may have never used or even heard of before. But… I decided after some thought and after searching for recipes online that I would just throw everything in the crock and make a veggie soup. I’ll have to post a follow-up about how it comes out… but it smelled yummy going into the pot.


  • Baby beets (threw out the greens)
  • Kohlrabi
  • small red potatos
  • white onions
  • green onions (possibly leeks?)
  • carrots
  • couple pieces of broccoli & cauliflower from a veggie tray
  • fennel bulb (hung the greens up to dry)
  • chicken stock & water to cover
  • 1# cooked ground turkey
  • garlic powder
  • red\black pepper
  • some other various sesonings

Soup should be on by 4 if you want a taste!!