Happy Hump Day

Well it has now been a full week since my surgery.  I’m still not 100% but definitely better than I was last week.  I’m looking forward to returning to work on Monday cause I’m starting to feel a little stir-crazy.  I don’t go for my surgery follow-up until the 29th and as I understand it I am on weight and activity restrictions until my doctor says otherwise at that appointment.  Guess it’s good that I sit at a desk all day.  I did logon to work for a couple hours on Monday and hardly made a dent in the nightmare that was my inbox.  It kinda stressed me out a little more than I expected so I decided to not login the rest of the week and to just finish out my week off without dealing with it… not like it won’t be there waiting for me on Monday!  I don’t know what people do on vacation, not that this has really been a vacation since I don’t consider a hospital stay something I’d plan regularly!  I’m just saying that I have been pretty well bored to tears.  Been doing a lot of sleeping and reading with the kid-lings in summer school.

In other news, I am contemplating trading in my mini-van for something new.  Not really sure what yet.  Talked to the dealership I usually work with and with my credit union today and it seems like I have all green lights to upgrade.  So… maybe Friday to end the time-off with something a little more exciting I will go get a new car!

I just put my munchkins to bed after watching Wreck-it Ralph for probably the 50th time.  I have to say, it is pretty darn cute.  Now just waiting for the large kid to appear from his shenanigans in town and kind of starting to wonder why he is not home yet.

And, one last item, some people (you know who you are) should not be selfish pricks who put themselves and their cheating, lying bullshit before their kids.  If you have a problem with your wife\girlfriend that’s fine.  The ladies are old enough to deal with it — but you don’t get to use your kids as go-betweens, or whine to them about how Mommy is being mean, or tell them you can’t see them because Mommy won’t let you pull them out of school mid-week so you can have your weekend free.  You do have to pay your child support and you do get to piss off!

That is all.

Happy Lammas!

Just updated to the latest rev of WordPress (3.6).  Trying out the lovely new theme which I felt had a bit of a fall feel to it.

Hope everyone has a blessed harvest!


Happy Indepenence Day

In light of the current political culture I think it’s worth noting that today is celebrated to remind of us our hard fought freedoms and rights.

At the top of that list, clearly highlighted in our first amendment and one of the primary reasons our ancestors sailed into the unknown was to be free of religious persecution.

We came here to be a free people.  We drafted a Constitution that was designed to grant rights to our citizenry, not to remove them.  We have NEVER been a theocracy – that’s exactly what we sailed away from!  So when I hear people ranting about how granting rights to others some how infringes their own rights I am at a loss.  How does giving others rights take away from the rights that you already have??  The answer, IT DOESN’T.

The bottom line is this… our FREE country and its Constitution that we fought so hard to win protect ALL the citizens.  The rights we agreed upon as being duly granted to all people – like free speech, religion and the right to happiness are for ALL people not just some.  Your personal religious convictions simply do not play into that.  That same first amendment protects ALL religious beliefs, not just yours.

Just because Pagans, Gays, Women or other Minorities now have the same rights that you do does not mean your rights are lessened.  It simply means that we are FINALLY coming around to this notion that we started with from the beginning — ALL people have equal rights under the law.

This doesn’t in any way change your beliefs or morals or how you personally run your home or live your life.  Let’s be perfectly clear — if you don’t agree with homosexuality then don’t be with someone of the same sex.  If you think embryos have a right to life then don’t use birth control or get an abortion.  If you don’t believe in science fact then teach creationism to your children at home.

BUT what you do not get to do, what you NEVER get to do is tell me or anyone else how to live or what to believe, you do not get to tell anyone else who they can love or what they can do with their own bodies.  You do not get to reduce every grade school science classroom into a mythology class.

You mind your business and I’ll mind mine – we both follow the rule of law and everything will be fine.  Some people tend to forget that the ‘heathens’ came first; in the grand scheme of things Christianity and Islam, and yes I will single these out as they are the only ones spewing hate in my opinion, are relative newcomers to the world and they’ve brought more death and destruction than I could easily list.  No one on the other side of this argument is telling you how to live your life – we don’t care!  Extremism on either side will never (and should never) win out.  We just want what’s fair for everyone, and that is also what the Constitution strives to protect.  It’s exactly what we left England for 237 years ago.

You don’t have to agree with me but you also don’t get to claim offense or damage if I disagree with you.
Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day and in honor of this day treat everyone with respect and fairness today and everyday.

This is very nearly me…

I am reading

    The Ares Decision

by Kyle Mills and on page 123 he describes the office of one of the main characters…

Her tiny office was crammed with books that looked like they’d spent most of their lives in the field, but most were completely obscured by her fetish for sticky notes. There was hardly a square inch available anywhere that didn’t have a reminder of some type attached to it.

I think I may already have the book angle covered and I’m pretty sure I’m only a few more sticky notes or lists away from this description!

More on the book once I finish it, hopefully this weekend.

An entertainer and a politician.

Today in our world we lost two well-known women. An entertainer and a politician. I am dismayed to report that my Facebook feed was inundated with memes of the latter instead of images and quotes of the former. I think it’s a sad reflection on our society when a mousketeer is mourned more deeply than a Cold War leader and strong female role model. Of course, it might just be me… decide for yourself who made a bigger contribution to society. I am not saying one life is worth more than another or that you shouldn’t be saddened by both of these losses. I am just pointing out that focusing on the ‘bread and circus’ is what prevents us from seeing our politicians for what they really are and for holding them accountable. Politicians today are thrilled with where the focus lies because they know they can get away with murder while the majority of registered voters are glued to whatever tripe the entertainment industry distracts them with.

Annette Funicello

Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Vagina envy

We are in the throes of potty training in our house. I’m glad to say that it’s going very well. Of course with all these naked butts bounding around the house questions are imminent. The twins have known for a while that they are different. Ellie is a girl like mom and Marcus is a boy like Papa and Austin. The burning question now is WHY. So we have discussed parts as nonchalantly as possible but some words are apparently hard to get a three year old tongue to say. When Marcus asked if I had a ‘peanut’ (again) this morning I calmly answered “No, girls have vaginas and boys have a penis.” To which he squealed “I want a giant eye!” I almost fell off my chair from laughing. I’m convinced now that the cell companies employ toddlers for their auto correct team.

Happy Spring!

Hard to believe my little munkys will be turning 4 in a few days!  Happy spring and Happy 4th Birthday to Ellie and Marcus!

perception is subjective

So me and my twinnkies were having a dance party (I was exercising) and I told them to stretch their arms up high and reach for the sky which they both did.  Then I told them to ‘touch your toes’… Ellie dutifully bent over and touched her toes while Marcus sat down and put his feet together touching his toes to each other!!  This just proves that it’s all about your perspective!!

Welcome 2013

Well we are a few weeks into the new year and things seem to be on track.  Had a bit of hit on the taxes but managed to work around it.  Still losing weight… slower than before… but still forging ahead.  Upgraded my PC to Windows 8 which I do think performs better but I miss my Start button (btw Win+X is a godsend).  Now I am thinking about a theme refresh here on the old web page…. something fresh and new and maybe not quite so dark.  I am open to suggestions.

Also… stop for a moment and appreciate your freedoms which you must be endowed with if you are able to read this post.

One of my favorite MLK quotes:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

— I would extend that to say not just color but creed, sexual preference, disability, political views, and any other *minority* category that exists. ~ Peace, Love & Understanding ~

Something good will work…

I’ve always been a music fan.  While I have no real talent in that respect, I do love to listen to music. It has always played a role in my life. I was always able to find a song fit each situation.  Of course, when I was growing up we only had three channels on television and for a lot of years only a 19 inch or a black and white set so sitting and watching TV was not really a pastime. I suppose we had a Nintendo or Super NES or something when my brothers were little, but beside me typing away on the Commodore 64 gaming really wasn’t thing.  (This was before the internet, kiddies!)  The point is, I guess, that music was my pastime — I had hundreds of cassettes (yes, cassettes!) for my much cherished boombox.  Now I listen on a digital device like my iPod or PC or phone and the cassettes are long gone. I still have well over 300 some CDs in storage, and I am always buying more, and they all get transferred to my PC; not to mention the probably thousands of dollars I’ve spent on iTunes over the years. Well you can likely imagine the size of my music collection.  Though most often I revert to the songs I listened to in my teens I definitely like to listen to and own some of the new stuff coming out.

It was while listening to a newer song (not hot off the presses by any means ‘cause I am OLD) that I decided to write this journal entry.  Music still has the ability to make me emote.  The song I was listening to made me feel nostalgic, remorseful, full of longing and regret… so many things.  Then it made me laugh at myself that even after all these years I still feel the same way about some things or people that happened to me.  I still find the same things attractive, I still have that same little nagging voice in the back of my head that I did 20 years ago… maybe people really don’t change?

The track changed and the next song fast-forwarded me to only a few nights ago and a ‘heated’ discussion with my boyfriend. I would probably send him a link to the song on Facebook as a statement but it would be completely lost on him because he never listens to the lyrics or gets what I’m trying to say — but I would know, and the therapeutic effect wouldn’t be lost on me.  A few years ago I made a mix tape (actually burned a CD) for him but he never really understood the message even though I thought it was obvious.

Anyhoo… I am probably going to reread ‘Love is a mix tape’ which I highly recommend if you ‘got’ anything I just wrote (but seriously be prepared to cry).  Have a harmonious day!