Ellie & Marcus are 18-months old!

18-month check-ups were on Friday, Oct 15th.  They both did well at their check-up even though Ellie gave the Doctor a bit of a hard time.  They also got their flu shots and thankfully have had no ill effects from that.

Having some well-deserved chocolate milk after their flu shots!

  • 26 pounds 15 ounces (4 oz gain)
  • 33 inches (1/2 in gain)
  • Head circumference – 19.09 inches
  • 90th % length-for-age
  • 80th % weight-for-age

  • 23 pounds 10 ounces (1 lbs 5 oz gain)
  • 32.25 inches (1.25 in gain)
  • Head circumference – 19 inches
  • 50th % length-for-age
  • 25th % weight-for-age

Twinnies Official 1-Year Stats

Twinnies 1 year plus 22 days check-up
Stats Ellie Marcus
Height 2 ft 5.75 in 2 ft 4.5 in
Weight 23 lbs 4 oz 20 lbs 7 oz
Head Circumference 47.2 cm 46.8 cm
*Head circumference-for-age 93.18/td> 57.95
*Weight-for-age 77.56 12.37
*Length-for-age 62.54 8.05
*Weight-for-length 86.35 64.04
1 Year B-day Pics
taken 4/14/10
*Percentage of growth percentile
Both babies passed all their developmental markers.  They also had 4 immunizations, ouch!

9-month Checkup


February 5th, 2010 (9 months + 21 days) 9-month Check-Up  – Doc says they are perfect!

Statistics Growth Percentiles
  Height Weight HC* HC for Age Wt for Age Ht for Age Wt for Ht
Ellie 2′ 3″ 22 lb 5 oz 47 cm (18.5″) 98.13% 90.64% 20.83% 99.04%
Marcus 2′ 4″ 19 lb 10 oz 45.8 cm (18″) 57.47% 26.46% 29.30% 61.22%

*HC = Head Circumference

Ellie is a crawling machine and Marcus is getting there.  He can pull himself along pretty quickly with his arms, he just hasn’t gotten his belly off the floor yet.  They are both walking along the furniture and pulling themselves upon everything.  The are both getting a top tooth to go with their bottom two.  Ellie is hell on wheels in her walker… nothing in her reash is safe!  Marcus still only goes backwards but he grabs all he can reach too.

The both love pancakes and orange juice on Saturday morning.  Ellie likes to dance and Marcus likes to sing.  Austin has already worked out all the instruments they are going to learn so the three of them can have a band.

It’s hard to believe that they will be turning 1 in a few short months… geez, where did the time go?

New photo album

Trying out a new photo album… it seems to be a little cleaner looking with faster navigation.  Still working on the look and feel of it.  And the pics are not all commented or in any order, so bear with me on that one!



Ellie and Marcus are 3-months old!
Jellybean Peanut Brother
Ellie at 3-mos Marcus at 3-mos
13 lbs 15 oz 12 lbs 10 oz
23 1/2 in 22 3/4 in