Silo Trilogy by Hugh Howey

Book Review of Wool, Shift, & Dust by Hugh Howey

These books were originally published in multiple parts each, what I am reviewing here are the omnibus editions.  All three books are telling essentially the same story with Shift picking up the tale I’d say about the middle of the Wool timeline and then Dust taking the story to it’s conclusion.  Even though the story and timelines cross-over they are told from different perspectives.  Howey’s writing style is easy to read and follow — I’ve not read any of his other books (though I now plan too) but at least in these there are no impossible made-up words or ideas to contend with.  Not suggesting those are always bad things but they do sometimes make a book harder to enjoy.  In my initial review of ‘Wool’ I had said that I thought Mr. Howey had a chip on his shoulder with his Help Desk people since he essentially criminalized the ‘IT’ department.  I’m so glad that I read the other two books so I could get the rest of the story!  Since I don’t want to give everything away I will say that the basic premise throughout the story of a dystopian society created by a corrupt government via the catalyst of an eminent biological attack is completely (and sadly) believable.   Juliette, whom I will call our protagonist (though not the only one) is a real and likable woman – a person you will be rooting for until the bitter end.  I guess the main antagonist is Thurman, but he is really just the linchpin of a much bigger evil.  I kind of wanted a 4th book to continue the story but I guess I will have to be happy with the ending as it is – and it does have a happy ending even though there are losses along the way.  (I will have to  be satisfied imagining for myself what happened next… like who married whom, who got be the next mayor, if they found others… etc.).  I absolutely recommend these books!  It’s an enjoyable way to spend a weekend or two!

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Call Me Ishmael (1/5/14)

PROMPT:  Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

First sentence:

In the shade of the house, in the sunshine of the riverbank near the
boats, in the shade of the Sal-wood forest, in the shade of the fig tree
is where Siddhartha grew up, the handsome son of the Brahman, the young
falcon, together with his friend Govinda, son of a Brahman.

(Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse)


I was but a lowly serving girl to the Prince and his court. In secret I longed, not for Prince Siddhartha,
but for his dear-heart, Govinda. How I longed for him to take me in his arms and make me his but alas it was not meant to be.
Govinda loved only Siddhartha and would never turn his eyes or heart from him.

To be continued…


This is very nearly me…

I am reading

    The Ares Decision

by Kyle Mills and on page 123 he describes the office of one of the main characters…

Her tiny office was crammed with books that looked like they’d spent most of their lives in the field, but most were completely obscured by her fetish for sticky notes. There was hardly a square inch available anywhere that didn’t have a reminder of some type attached to it.

I think I may already have the book angle covered and I’m pretty sure I’m only a few more sticky notes or lists away from this description!

More on the book once I finish it, hopefully this weekend.

Something good will work…

I’ve always been a music fan.  While I have no real talent in that respect, I do love to listen to music. It has always played a role in my life. I was always able to find a song fit each situation.  Of course, when I was growing up we only had three channels on television and for a lot of years only a 19 inch or a black and white set so sitting and watching TV was not really a pastime. I suppose we had a Nintendo or Super NES or something when my brothers were little, but beside me typing away on the Commodore 64 gaming really wasn’t thing.  (This was before the internet, kiddies!)  The point is, I guess, that music was my pastime — I had hundreds of cassettes (yes, cassettes!) for my much cherished boombox.  Now I listen on a digital device like my iPod or PC or phone and the cassettes are long gone. I still have well over 300 some CDs in storage, and I am always buying more, and they all get transferred to my PC; not to mention the probably thousands of dollars I’ve spent on iTunes over the years. Well you can likely imagine the size of my music collection.  Though most often I revert to the songs I listened to in my teens I definitely like to listen to and own some of the new stuff coming out.

It was while listening to a newer song (not hot off the presses by any means ‘cause I am OLD) that I decided to write this journal entry.  Music still has the ability to make me emote.  The song I was listening to made me feel nostalgic, remorseful, full of longing and regret… so many things.  Then it made me laugh at myself that even after all these years I still feel the same way about some things or people that happened to me.  I still find the same things attractive, I still have that same little nagging voice in the back of my head that I did 20 years ago… maybe people really don’t change?

The track changed and the next song fast-forwarded me to only a few nights ago and a ‘heated’ discussion with my boyfriend. I would probably send him a link to the song on Facebook as a statement but it would be completely lost on him because he never listens to the lyrics or gets what I’m trying to say — but I would know, and the therapeutic effect wouldn’t be lost on me.  A few years ago I made a mix tape (actually burned a CD) for him but he never really understood the message even though I thought it was obvious.

Anyhoo… I am probably going to reread ‘Love is a mix tape’ which I highly recommend if you ‘got’ anything I just wrote (but seriously be prepared to cry).  Have a harmonious day!

First Book Virtual Book Drive!!

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Everyone, everywhere should have a favorite book – something that inspires, comforts, entertains… something that lets us live outside ourselves if only within those pages!

If You Ask Me…

I just finished reading

    If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t)

by incomparable Betty White. What a beautiful woman – inside and out! I really enjoyed reading her honest and poignant thoughts on life. This is a quick read folks, and delightful. If you can find an hour to spare I highly recommend it!

I love that she loves the stationery store, can’t throw out a book because it’s ‘against her religion’ and that she collects stuffed animals! Ha ha! These things make me feel like she’s a soul sister! I also love this quote from her Mom and believe it to be true:

Bets, you can lie to anyone in the world and even get away with it, perhaps, but when you are alone and look into your own eyes in the mirror, you can’t sidestep the truth. Always be sure you can meet those eyes directly. Otherwise, it’s big trouble, my girl.

[pg 7]

in the last chapter she addresses being older and how she views death. On page 258 she writes:

If you’ve ever lost a loved one, or witnessed it, you can’t help but see that the body is an envelope for the letter.

I love that. What a great attitude and what wonderful wisdom from a true American icon.

Game of Thrones, Season 2

I have to admit that the series is pretty good… I am definitely feeling more favorable towards season two than I had season one. Is it just me, or does HBO have sex on the brain?? Yes, sex played a role in the books but I guess I never felt it was so prominent. I will give the producers kudos for their evil skills at creating cliff-hangers. Tonight’s episode left me feeling utterly violated. The final scene was actually quite true to the book to my memory and I was swearing when I realized what time it was. So yeah, they got me coming back next Sunday night. If you haven’t read the books yet you absolutely should otherwise you really are missing out. Having enjoyed other series on HBO (like Rome and Arthur) I can say this is another win but I still think the books are better and I am still waiting for the release date for book 6!!

The Athena Project by Brad Thor

The Athena Project by Brad Thor

As military thrillers go this was an easy win for me. I enjoyed the all-femme-fatale Delta team greatly and think I will definitely be reading some more of their tall tales. As with alot of military action-thriller type stuff some of it was a little over the top but still highly entertaining.  I didn’t even mind the romantic undertones!  I think this author has the cattiness of women in close quarters pretty well nailed as well.  I don’t claim to know what Delta Force *really* does out there in the world but I’d like to think that it’s this kind of stuff… find the bad guys and kicking their asses!!  Three nights or about 6 hours… quick, easy and fun!  My vote is to give it a read!

The ladies all have well-developed…. ahh personalities (among other things, apparently). Who knew those could be a bonus?! I always thought they were a bitch when crawling on my belly during live fire exercises!!  Maybe I should stayed in the Army and held out for Delta, eh??

I was at the bookstore looking to pick up another of Brad Thor’s books but since I couldn’t decide which one to get I opted to wait, so if anyone has a recommendation I’d love to hear it. Check out his other work on his website:

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The Pyramid of Doom by Andy McDermott

A fun and wild ride… fast-paced, funny and at times over-the-top but a good story that kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning!  I’m not sure how much of the Egyptology was based in reality but whether true or not it didn’t detract from the story or my enjoyment.  Imagine Lara Croft teaming up with James Bond… loved it!  My only regret is that this book was obviously written in the middle of the series and while it certainly stands on its own there were references to prior books that I wish I had read first. Of course, my Egyptphile brain honed in on this one so that is my punishment I guess! I will definitely be reading more of the adventures of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase.

Check out Andy McDermott’s Webpage here.

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The Lost Temple by Tom Harper

Finally finshed reading “The Lost Temple” by Tom Harper. Seems like it took me forever to finish with all the other stuff going on. The story moved along a bit slowly for me so it definitely wasn’t a sit and read in one fell swoop kind of book. As my loyal subscribers already know I like historical fiction, especially things to do with Egypt. This was actually to do with Ancient Greece, really further back than that. Think Achilles and Troy, etc. It had a little injection of Indiana Jones though the protagonist really wasn’t an archeologist. Per my usual complaint, there were a couple ‘love scenes’ that I could have done without though they didn’t really detract from the story at all. The ending was a bit lackluster but good and I think not maybe what I was expecting. Overall a good read. I will likely pick up other books by Tom Harper.

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