Loving the Dragon!

Just got a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home, Version 11! I have to say, so far I am loving it! I am actually dictating this post! I think this software is going to be huge boon to my blogging. It honestly was not difficult at all to train the software. I think I dictated for it a grand total of about 4 minutes. I’ve already done some homework and I would say accuracy was at least 80% I’m thinking even better. I keep thinking about all the times I wake up in the middle of the night with some crazy ideas in my head and I try to write them down in a notebook I keep near my bed. Seriously how much more effort would it be to get up and walk to the computer and ramble for 20 minutes and actually be able to know what what I was thinking instead of trying to transcribe my crappy writing the next day.
I also experimented with using the mouse and window control commands. That has a bit of a learning curve, I think it works pretty well it’s just a matter of training myself what the vocal cues are. I found that using commands with in Microsoft Word worked fairly well, I was able to save my document and open a new one. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the product!
If you have the extra cash and you do a lot of word processing, blogging, just any kind of data entry I would seriously recommend this product. I absolutely hate typing but I love writing and this is going to just help me do so much more of that!

nothing like a good’ole irishman to make mamma smile

So after three weeks of arguing with bad accents in the evening I finally called the sales department during the day. I spoke with a delightful gentleman named Gabe. First of all he spoke perfect, clear english in dulcet tones that were a delight to my ears. Secondly, he actualy listened (or understood) what I was asking for and got it right the first try! So I am happy to say that I ordered a new PC with darling Gabe. When I got my confirmation e-mail and saw his full name, Gabriel McGuinness, I had to smile. Had a mini-fantasy about this enjoyable young man… I’m sure he’s like 20 or something with a young waifish girlyfriend. Oh well. I may not ever even talk to him again but at least I finally got my new AMD 1090T with 12GB Ram, a Radeon 5870 graphics card and 1TB raided drives en route. Certainly that will do more for me than any man would!