Twinnies Official 1-Year Stats

Twinnies 1 year plus 22 days check-up
Stats Ellie Marcus
Height 2 ft 5.75 in 2 ft 4.5 in
Weight 23 lbs 4 oz 20 lbs 7 oz
Head Circumference 47.2 cm 46.8 cm
*Head circumference-for-age 93.18/td> 57.95
*Weight-for-age 77.56 12.37
*Length-for-age 62.54 8.05
*Weight-for-length 86.35 64.04
1 Year B-day Pics
taken 4/14/10
*Percentage of growth percentile
Both babies passed all their developmental markers.  They also had 4 immunizations, ouch!


I’m turning thirty
Only days from now
I thought I’d be something more
or different somehow
I guess the day will come and go
And no one will really know
I’m not in a panic
just contemplative
I’ll wait to see if forty
is more traumatic