The Pyramid of Doom by Andy McDermott

A fun and wild ride… fast-paced, funny and at times over-the-top but a good story that kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning!  I’m not sure how much of the Egyptology was based in reality but whether true or not it didn’t detract from the story or my enjoyment.  Imagine Lara Croft teaming up with James Bond… loved it!  My only regret is that this book was obviously written in the middle of the series and while it certainly stands on its own there were references to prior books that I wish I had read first. Of course, my Egyptphile brain honed in on this one so that is my punishment I guess! I will definitely be reading more of the adventures of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase.

Check out Andy McDermott’s Webpage here.

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The Moses Quest by Will Adams

The Moses Quest (aka The Exodus Quest)

Well I loved the egyptology and archeology… wonder how much truthiness there is to some of it as I’d find much it very believable coming from a non-fiction source (see a few of the source books the author used at the end of this post). Guess that believable aspect is what made the book shine for me. I do dind it particularly interesting that there’s (as yet) no archeological evidence to support a mass exodus from Egypt. Interesting, isn’t it? Just one more thing to support my belief that the Bible and most religious tomes are stories to provide moral direction and have very little in the way of fact or history.
The main character, Daniel Knox, seems to have nine lives… but in the same way as other heroes, like Indy. So, maybe some of it was a little over the top in the action but for the most part I enjoyed it. it was a very easy read and I’m definitely going to grab the first book in the serires that I had missed, The Alexander Cipher. There were a few references to it in this book but nothing that detracted from or was necessary to the plot.
Overal I liked it and plan to pick up some more of Adams books.

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