Twinnies 6 month check-up


6-Month Statistics
6 mos 21 days Ellie Marcus
Height 2′ 2.25″ 2′ 2″
Weight 19 lbs 6 oz 17 lbs 3 oz
BMI 19.77 17.88
Head Circumference 45 cm 44.3 cm

And they both got 5 shots! Doc says they are both doing wonderfully and gave them the go ahead for more substantial foodstuffs. 

The other big news is that Ellie broke through her very first tooth this week!

My First YouTube Video!

Twinnie Exercise Time!

Baby Ellie and Baby Marcus on their playmat.  Ellie practices holding her head up while Marcus perfects the ancient art of toe-eating.  Ellie did roll-over, before and after I was recording.  She’s been going from belly-to-back for about a week and a half now.  Marcus can go from back-to-belly but not often.

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Timeline of a cold in a closed environment

    Cold season begins…


  • Wednesday – 12-yr old son is sniffling and blowing his nose
  • Thursday morning – 12-yr old son is coughing like an emphesema patient so I take him to the walk-in, antibiotics and albuterol are prescribed (damn inhaler is $45 AFTER insurance)
  • Friday – Boy twin is coughing and girl twin is sniffling
  • Saturday morning – Take twins to the walk-in, albutero with nebulizer is prescribed
  • Saturday night – Vaporizer and heater in the bedroom, twinnies aren’t eating like they should and son one needs to be ‘reminded’ to take his antibiotics — on the up side I think I’m getting enough residual meds that I probably won’t get sick (X crossing fingers X)
  • Sunday – Twinnies REALLY don’t like the nebulizer and it makes them shake and cry and generally unhappy, not sure it’s worth it — spacing the treatments out a little more, added pedialite to the menu so they are at least getting some liquids, Daddy is coughing…ellie_neb_30aug09







    Boy Oh Boy… just can’t wait for school to start so we can go thru this with a different virus every week!

    Twinnies are 4-months old!!!

    Ellie and Marcus had their 4-month checkup today and passed with flying colors!  They are both happy, healthy little babies!

    Height Weight Head
    1′ 11.5″ 15 lbs. 15 oz. 42 cm
    Height Weight Head
    2′ 0.25″ 14 lbs. 5 oz. 42.2 cm

    They also had to get 2 shots and an oral vaccine which didn’t go over well.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as their 2-month shots but they both cried.  Ellie alot more than Marcus again but Marcus seems to be the one who is going to be feverish.  I just gave them both another dose of Tylenol with bedtime.  Hopefully they won’t be sick like they were last time.

    Ellie is 4-months old!
    Ellie is 4-months old!

    Marcus is 4-months old!
    Marcus is 4-months old!

    Feeding frenzy

    What better time to load the dishwasher than while waiting for bottles to warm at three in the morning.  And now babies are chomping away.  Ellie is a noisy little eater with little sucking and coo-ing sound with every baby bite.  Marcus is the stealth baby… I have to keep checking to see if he’s really eating.  He sucks so hard that he compresses the nipple and then can’t get any milk.  I’m thinking this might sound a little weird in the morning when I’m fully awake….

    The weekends aren’t what they used to be…

    I used to look forward to Friday at 5PM.  A couple days off, sleeping in, relaxing… but those days are gone.  Now I get to be up at 4AM everyday, including weekends, for feedings.  I get to spend all weekend playing dropsy with nuks and changing diapers and making bottles and rocking babies.  So now, I still look forward to weekends… because now that I’m back to work full-time it’s really the only play-time I get with the babies.  I really miss them during the day and there doesn’t seem to be enough time between when I get done with work and when they go to bed to really spend with them.  So…. I’m going to bed early so I can be up early to spend the day with my babies.  Maybe we’ll even road-trip down to the base to visit Daddy if he has a break in his training schedule (and if I can reach him).  Adieu Friday and welcome to my very unrestful but baby-love filled weekend.


    Ellie and Marcus are 3-months old!
    Jellybean Peanut Brother
    Ellie at 3-mos Marcus at 3-mos
    13 lbs 15 oz 12 lbs 10 oz
    23 1/2 in 22 3/4 in