The Athena Project by Brad Thor

The Athena Project by Brad Thor

As military thrillers go this was an easy win for me. I enjoyed the all-femme-fatale Delta team greatly and think I will definitely be reading some more of their tall tales. As with alot of military action-thriller type stuff some of it was a little over the top but still highly entertaining.  I didn’t even mind the romantic undertones!  I think this author has the cattiness of women in close quarters pretty well nailed as well.  I don’t claim to know what Delta Force *really* does out there in the world but I’d like to think that it’s this kind of stuff… find the bad guys and kicking their asses!!  Three nights or about 6 hours… quick, easy and fun!  My vote is to give it a read!

The ladies all have well-developed…. ahh personalities (among other things, apparently). Who knew those could be a bonus?! I always thought they were a bitch when crawling on my belly during live fire exercises!!  Maybe I should stayed in the Army and held out for Delta, eh??

I was at the bookstore looking to pick up another of Brad Thor’s books but since I couldn’t decide which one to get I opted to wait, so if anyone has a recommendation I’d love to hear it. Check out his other work on his website:

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