Mister Rogers’ holiday message is simple and clear.

“I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to give you for Christmas. I’d really like to give you something that just fits your own wishes and needs the way these shoes just fit me. I suppose the thing I’d like most to be able to give you is hope. Hope that through your own doing and your own living with others, you’ll be able to find what best fits for you in this life…I, for one, wish you good memories of this holiday. And I hope you’ll be able to look for all the different ways that people have of showing that they love you.” ~ Mister Rogers

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Donation Time!!

Every year my company sponsors a giving campaign and each year I try to choose a different organization that I feel can benefit from the company match.  Last year I donated to the Domestic Abuse Intervention Services organization in Madison, WI.  This year I am happy to announce I have chosen to send my payroll deduction and match to the wonderful Heifer Team organized by Patrick Rothfuss and his friends: WorldBuilders!  Help spread the love around!

I have also setup a recurring matched donation for the Clinton Global Initative via the William J. Clinton Foundation!  Huzzah!  Changing the world a dollar at a time!