my opening statement

This is not the first thing that I have written to you nor do I intend it will be the last.  Recently, one of my favorite authors posted a blog about his writing to his son, you can read it here, it prompted me to try and spend some more time doing the same.

The tricky part here is always how or where to begin.  So I think tonight I will start with my eldest.

I know that right now you think that I am mad or unhappy with you.  Untrue.  You think that I didn’t enjoy having you and Fia here this summer.  Also, untrue.  I love you and Fia with all my heart and loved having you here.  Part of me wants you here always so I can take care of you.  But another part of me knows that you need to do your own thing now.  I worry about you a lot.  I don’t think some of your choices are the best – but I am making that determination from afar and with limited reliable data.  I hope that you and Fia are thriving and happy.  I hope that someday soon you’ll feel like you can come see me.   You will always be my little girl… no matter what you do or who you are with (or what I think of them).  Just don’t let anyone marginalize you or mistreat you or treat you like less than the beautiful girl that you are.  Remember, Moms’ always love their daughters come hell or high water.

To my middle child… you have a frustrating sense of humor that I don’t always get and consequently I react in all the wrong ways.  You remind me so much of my Dad or my brothers in some of the things that you say – it really makes me laugh and smile.  You remind me of my Grandpa sometimes when I look at you.  You and your baby brother have that image in common.  Sometimes it makes me want to cry.  I think a lot now about you going off to college, because I know you are smart enough to do it.  I think how I just don’t know how I will do without you here.  I’ve never told you this because I guess it was something that I didn’t want to admit or maybe that I thought would show weakness where I couldn’t afford it or maybe people would view it as selfish or wrong somehow.  But the truth is that for the last 15 years you have been my rock… my sticking point… my inspiration.  When I felt things were at their absolute worst you always brought me back from the brink.   I’m sure you never realized it but you always grounded me.  Maybe because it was only you and me in a sense… your Dad was never there and so you were 100% mine from day one and you gave me the unconditional love that I needed to keep going and I never had to share it with anyone.  I’m not doing a very good job of putting it into words; just know that you are my light. I hope that when you are off making your way in the world you’ll think to call your Mom once in a while.  I love you, Austina-ballerina.  Now clean your room! (-;

Now we come to my second life and double-trouble.  There are 12 years between you two and your big brother, whew!  I had started writing a book of how you came to be and it is half finished somewhere here on my computer.  Today though, my twin-kies, you are just three years old.  You fill the halls with laughter and nonsense and everyone needs that in their life.  I learned a lot about parenting from your brother and sister but not nearly enough to claim I have a clue.  You both surprise me every single day with things you do or say.

My Monkey, you are the master mimic right now.  And no matter how many times you do it, I will always laugh when you ask me if I am ‘ready to arm’.  You are an unstoppable force and some days I worry that if you bump your head in the same place one more time you will have a permanent bruise!  You tried to take your Gramma out with a hot wheel this summer… you’re definitely a little firecracker!  You are loving and kind and full of hugs and kisses.  And not unlike your big brother, when you think you’ve hit on something that gets a laugh you tend to repeat it a lot.  You are my precious little man and I love you.

My Princess you are the queen bee of the hive around here and frequently run your big brother ragged.  The other day you wanted something and I said I didn’t have the money and you informed me it was in my purse.  When I said I didn’t have enough you said that we needed to get some more then.  When I asked you where, you said to look in my pockets!  You have a little head wag and attitude and that defies me and makes me worry about what kind of trouble I have to look forward to.  You are smart and talkative – I love the way that you make up little stories when you are playing with your ponies and buffalos and other dolls.  You play along with my silly jokes on your ‘stinky’ brothers which is great.  You are a beauty who will break a million hearts and I love you!

That’s all for tonight.  I will try to make a habit of this so all the unsaid things get said.

Twinnkies 3-year old checkup!

Immunizations were all up-to-date so no shots today!! Yippee!! This made for a mostly pleasant and easy doctor’s visit. Both of the twinnkies are doing well and growing!

Ellie’s 3-yr
Old Checkup!!








28 pounds 12 ounces

35.5 inches




31 pounds 4 ounces

37 inches


Marcus’ 3-yr
Old Checkup!!








25 pounds 8 ounces

34 inches




26 pounds 8 ounces

36 inches




Marcus 1 Ellie 0

So Marcus got the first point in the very amusing game of giving Mom heart-failure today.  We were at Menards looking for carpet and I had the twinnkies in one of those car-carts.  I had looked down at them thru the little back window and saw both their hats were gone so I started retracing my steps to find them.  After I found the 2nd hat I looked again and Marcus was gone!  Somehow he’d gotten out of the seatbelt & out of the car when I had stopped the cart.  I went into full-on panic mode.  I was running through the isles calling for him and practically tackled the first store person I saw who immediately got on his handset.  Thankfully he’d only gotten around the corner and an older female associate had captured him.  I think I snatched him out of her arms so fast she probably thought I was insane… and well maybe just then I was.  Needless to say he had to ride in the regular cart seat, tightly belted in, for the rest of the visit.

He also earned the first point in truly irritating his brother tonight.  When we got home I gave the babies their bath.  Once they were done they were running buck wild around the bathroom.  Marcus climbed back into the tub (empty now) and decided to do some business.  I scooped him up and got him cleaned up and diapered and had Austin watch Ellie.  Once I had Marcus squared away and was getting Ellie in her jammies I told Austin that since he had late homework again his new punishment was to clean up the mess his brother had made in the bathtub.  Then I told him that from now on anytime he had late homework he’d have to cleanup baby messes.  He thought that was a pretty good incentive to do his homework on time.

Marcus also had his early learning screening today.  Which I am happy to report came out far better than the initial one.  They are going to come back in January to check him again.  They think he should be talking more than he is.  I’m not sure I agree with their findings but it was tonnes better than what the doctor thought at the 18-month checkup.

So all my monkeys are in bed where they are supposed to be!  I am going to just veg out for a little bit because it just seems to have been an extremely long week and I am very glad the weekend is here.  Oh… I did get some carpet after all that!  We’ll see how that adventure goes tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!  Happy Samhain!  Happy All Hallow’s Eve! Happy Harvest!  Whatever your pleasure here’s to you!

Ellie & Marcus are 18-months old!

18-month check-ups were on Friday, Oct 15th.  They both did well at their check-up even though Ellie gave the Doctor a bit of a hard time.  They also got their flu shots and thankfully have had no ill effects from that.

Having some well-deserved chocolate milk after their flu shots!

  • 26 pounds 15 ounces (4 oz gain)
  • 33 inches (1/2 in gain)
  • Head circumference – 19.09 inches
  • 90th % length-for-age
  • 80th % weight-for-age

  • 23 pounds 10 ounces (1 lbs 5 oz gain)
  • 32.25 inches (1.25 in gain)
  • Head circumference – 19 inches
  • 50th % length-for-age
  • 25th % weight-for-age

Twinnies Official 1-Year Stats

Twinnies 1 year plus 22 days check-up
Stats Ellie Marcus
Height 2 ft 5.75 in 2 ft 4.5 in
Weight 23 lbs 4 oz 20 lbs 7 oz
Head Circumference 47.2 cm 46.8 cm
*Head circumference-for-age 93.18/td> 57.95
*Weight-for-age 77.56 12.37
*Length-for-age 62.54 8.05
*Weight-for-length 86.35 64.04
1 Year B-day Pics
taken 4/14/10
*Percentage of growth percentile
Both babies passed all their developmental markers.  They also had 4 immunizations, ouch!

9-month Checkup


February 5th, 2010 (9 months + 21 days) 9-month Check-Up  – Doc says they are perfect!

Statistics Growth Percentiles
  Height Weight HC* HC for Age Wt for Age Ht for Age Wt for Ht
Ellie 2′ 3″ 22 lb 5 oz 47 cm (18.5″) 98.13% 90.64% 20.83% 99.04%
Marcus 2′ 4″ 19 lb 10 oz 45.8 cm (18″) 57.47% 26.46% 29.30% 61.22%

*HC = Head Circumference

Ellie is a crawling machine and Marcus is getting there.  He can pull himself along pretty quickly with his arms, he just hasn’t gotten his belly off the floor yet.  They are both walking along the furniture and pulling themselves upon everything.  The are both getting a top tooth to go with their bottom two.  Ellie is hell on wheels in her walker… nothing in her reash is safe!  Marcus still only goes backwards but he grabs all he can reach too.

The both love pancakes and orange juice on Saturday morning.  Ellie likes to dance and Marcus likes to sing.  Austin has already worked out all the instruments they are going to learn so the three of them can have a band.

It’s hard to believe that they will be turning 1 in a few short months… geez, where did the time go?

Don’t you wish it was you…

Your nose is sucked out
Your little tooth is brushed
Your face is washed
Your butt is dry and huggied
You are in a warm bed in a dark room
You have your soft blanket and your favorite plushie
You have a fresh bottle of water
And best of all your mommy gave you good night kisses
Nighty-night little monkies