New photo album

Trying out a new photo album… it seems to be a little cleaner looking with faster navigation.  Still working on the look and feel of it.  And the pics are not all commented or in any order, so bear with me on that one!


My First YouTube Video!

Twinnie Exercise Time!

Baby Ellie and Baby Marcus on their playmat.  Ellie practices holding her head up while Marcus perfects the ancient art of toe-eating.  Ellie did roll-over, before and after I was recording.  She’s been going from belly-to-back for about a week and a half now.  Marcus can go from back-to-belly but not often.

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I win!

First ‘official’ day back at in the cube.  Also the first day that the twins went to daycare.  Suprisingly I was only 5 minutes late into the parking lot making me 10 minutes late by the time I got the laptop fired up.  (I was able to turn all of my components around while Windows booted – thanks to whomever keeps rearranging my desk!)  Got all the kids to school and managed to get here with my coffee and all other needed items!  Stay tuned for next weeks hi-jinks as I attempt to work from the office TWICE!