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Brain pain

My brain hurts… I think the pain has been steadily increasing since the onset of the winter holiday season.  This week is Thanksgiving which is actually one of the few holidays that I like – for 2 reasons:

  • My birthday is on the 29th… yeah!
  • I love to eat turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie!  Mmmmmm!

I do not however, like the new-fangled, commercialized for your viewing pleasure, waste all your money on plastic junk,  who’s birthday?… rendition that Christmas has taken on in the last century. 

My children and I will celebrate Yule on the 21st and I am planning to work over Christmas.  There will be presents and cheer and what-not but I’m trying very hard to teach my children about the meaning of the winter holiday instead of turning them into money-hungry little materialistic xmas zombies.

Xmas Zombie