General Discussion

Another Monday

Here it is, Monday again.  Another sleepless night.  I’m tired. 

I am wondering why some people can never be satisfied with what they’ve been given.  Why do they always feel the need to reach for some grand illusion? Why in the process of their equally grand failure do they take everyone around them into the 9th level of hell with them?  And why do they think that all the above bullshit makes them better than everyone else?

Of course, as I’ve recently been informed, I am a naive idiot because I think my “mediocre, droll” little existence is enough.  Gee… I never thought my life and all I’ve been blessed with was that bad.  In fact, I thought I was doing pretty well.  Now I’m thinking I could do better – especially if I eliminated some of the gross negativity from my immediate vicinity.

Some people – you know who you are – need to piss off and go away.