excerpt from a letter

I would love to have my arms around you, touching you, soothing you.
And then finally making passionate love to you.
Kissing you everywhere you would let me, and places you’d think I wouldn’t.
I need you, I long for you, I love you.
I think everyday how it would happen, me and you, like it would be when we first met;
when I was a gentleman and never touched you.
But now I wish I would have.
Baby, love of my life.
I must go now for they want to put me in my cage.
I wish they would let you in my cage, so we can be wild together.

My mind drifted into the future like the wind through your beautiful hair.

Love always, Troy

{Original entry Feb 14, 1990}
{Sent from the county jail}

1 thought on “excerpt from a letter

  1. Oooohhh… but I did have so many boyfriends back then…
    many of them having spent time in county.
    Fifteen plus years later I think my mother, at least,
    would agree my standards have risen.
    But they were all special!

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