General Discussion


I’ve been doing pretty well in the first week of 2007.  I didn’t make any ‘official’ resolutions but I have a few things that I’m trying to do…

        1. Blog something (anything) everyday.
        2. Go to the gym at least three times a week.
        3. Be nicer to people – take the extra time and effort to day something nice, tell people when they are doing a good job.
        4. Eat less sweets.
        5. Read more.
        6. Pay off and cancel all my credit cards before Easter.
        7. Say ‘I love you’ more.
        8. Smile more!

So far this week I’ve accomplished 1, 2, 4, and I currently reading ‘Rumors of the Undead -30 Days of Night‘ for #5. 

I only came up with #3 today at lunch.  We had a really nice young man serve us – his attitude really brightened my day.  So, I thought I should tell me what a great job he was doing.  I didn’t… wasn’t sure how – so I have to work out the details on this one.  Overall, I think it’s a good thing to work on.

Hopefully #6 will be taken care of after I get my tax return.

7 & 8 should be on everyones list!


(Dieting is also on the list but I’d rather it was left unspoken.)