Snakes on a Plane

Just saw the movie Snakes on a Plane…  I am so completely freaked out that I can’t even say anything!

I was expecting some campy, third-rate cheesefest but I was totally surprised.  There were a few cheesy parts (all taking place in the bathroom) but overall a pretty serious film.

First, there was actually a plot – not very deep, not one to make you think but there was a story.

Second, the snakes were freakin scary as hell!  It’s been a long time since I’ve screamed and/or jumped while watching a movie.  This one got me more than once.

There were alot of famous (and not so famous) stereotypes depicted in the passengers which added a bit of levity.  And, of course, the main characters get to hook up at the end.

So… worth a watch.  I’m not going to watch it again (because the snakes were just too much for me)… but definitely worth the rental.

My rating: 2 Stars