To a friend

{Original entry Feb 1992}

Never fall in love my friend,
You see it doesn’t pay.
Although it causes broken hearts,
It happens everyday.

Yet you wonder where he is at night,
And if he is true.
One minute you’ll be happy,
The next you’re feeling blue.

Each time you meet,
Your knees get weak.
Your heart begins to dance,
Your whole world reloves around him,
There’s nothing like romance.

When it starts you don’t know why,
You worry day and night.
You see my friend you’ve lost him,
It never turns out right.

Love is fun, but hurts so much,
And the price you pay is high.
If I had to choose between love or death,
I think I’d choose to die.

So again I say “don’t fall in love,”
You’ll be hurt before you’re through.
You see my friend I ought to know,
I fell in love with you.

Just me,
Your friend