“I don’t ask for much, I only want trust, and you know it don’t come easy.”

It’s a feeling or maybe a sixth sense

It envelopes me in a spring breeze that belongs in the past

It revolves around me like a halo of smoke from a long ago cigarette

It teases me with the tender touch of a long lost lover

And I surrender willingly

For there is a peacefulness in that breeze

A hope of freedom in the smoke

A sense of understanding in the touch

For a moment, which is an eon

I feel alive

They try to steal my moment

They criticize my feeling

For this moment is reality

And my moment is but fantasty

But I will not forsake my feelings

Nor give up my moment

For it is my reality

No longer do I care for their trust

For my way is so much easier

I cannot talk to them

For they are hypocrites

I cannot trust them

For they are not worthy

If I were to tell them my thoughts

They would ridicule, criticize, laugh, and lock me away from their eyes

For they cannot be honest with themselves

So how can they understand honesty

One must lie to protect one’s feelings

One must lie to protect others

One must lie to conform to society

One must always lie to be accepted among liars

For if I told them the truth

They would see in me their own fears and fantasies

They would be naked to the world

They would be opened to the ridicule, the criticizms, the taunting

And some liar would come along and lock them away

So I do not talk to them

I do not trust them

For we all must lie